Consciously Curated Coffee

At Hudson, it's our priority to provide our consumers with high-quality coffee at great prices. While simultaneously sustaining and nourishing economic ecosystems at coffee-growing origins. We do our best to buy coffees from small sustainable farms or beans that are certified by Fair Trade, to ensure that farmers at origin are given fair prices for the crop they nurture.

100% Colombian Fair Trade

Colombian coffee beans have long garnered widespread acclaim, making them one of the most sought after varieties. Typically roasted on the darker end of the spectrum, Colombian coffee beans exude both fruity and chocolate flavor notes. Our Fair Trade variety perfectly captures this region's unique characteristics and makes the perfect cup for everyone, every time.

100% Guatemala Fair Trade

Guatemala is an ideal region for growing coffee due to its high altitudes, ample rainfall, mineral-rich soil, and the talented farmers that nurture the land’s abundant crops. The country is a leading producer of specialty beans, the majority of which are shade-grown and produced with a washed method that accentuates the well-balanced acidity and smooth body of this coffee. Our Fair Trade offering pays homage to Guatemala’s rich craft by highlighting flavor notes that are distinct to this origin.

Ethiopian Sidamo Natural Ardi

Ethiopia, dubbed the “birthplace of coffee”, has a rich culture and tradition tied to its beans. Throughout history and into the present day, Ethiopia has continued to produce some of the best coffees in the world. Our variety, a natural Sidamo, is grown in nutrient-dense soil which adds to its distinct and delicious flavor profile. With strawberry notes and a floral finish, this cup exquisitely showcases the flavors that make this origin so special.